Dry Eye


       10 Million People Suffer From Dry Eye

              89% Don't Know It Can Be Treated



Dry Eye Syndrome is a condition associated with an insufficient quantity and/or

inadequate quality of tear film coating the front surface of the eye. Also known as DYS, OSD ocular surface disease and keratoconjunctivitis sicca,  it is usually accompanied by symptoms of dryness, grittiness, irritation, tiredness, blurry vision, stinging, burning, excessive tearing, light sensitivity, and a sensation that something is in your eye when nothing is there. Over 10 million people suffer from Dry Eye Syndrome yet, most are not aware that it can be treated.



How Is DYS Diagnosed?

Dr. Mayer can perform a few simple in-office diagnostic tests to evaluate the quality and quantity of your tears. This can be done at your annual Eye Health Exam or you can been evaluated just for Dry Eye Syndrome.


Who Is At Risk?


There are certain factors that contribute to Dry Eye Syndrome, although both men and women of any age may experience it. Click Here for a detailed list.
How Do You Treat DYS?

 It depends on the cause and severity, DYS can be treated temporarily or for a lifetime. There are many factors that go into treatemnt. The main componets are:


Nutritional Factors:

Over The Counter Artificial Tears:

There are many different brands that can help with the symptoms of DYS. These should be used while being monitired by Dr. Mayer

Prescribed Medications:

This can be an easy remedy that should be taken in consideration with


Punctal Occlusions:

This is in an in office procedure that has become the mainstay and gold standard treatment for DYS. This is typically done after you have worked with Dr. Mayer and tried the above options first.