PerimeterVisual Field Testing - During a comprehensive eye exam, your eye doctor will perform one or more visual field tests to evaluate your peripheral vision. The term used to describe the measurement of your visual field is perimetry Some visual field tests are simple screening tests; others are much more detailed and involve the use of sophisticated perimetry equipment. For more information, read article

Human EyeEyelid Twitches Twitches are uncontrolled movements of an eyelid caused by involuntary contractions of muscles around the eyes. Almost all eyelid twitches are painless and not a serious problem or indication of any underlying condition or disease. However, in rare cases, a twitching eyelid may be an early sign of a neuromuscular or movement disorder. read article

Non-surgical vision correction- Did you know it is possible to correct your vision while you are sleeping? Nearsighted patients can now greatly reduce their dependence on glasses and conventional contact lenses, or even eliminate the need to wear them at all...without surgery!  read article