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Scholarship Questions and Answers

Scholarship Questions and Answers
How are the scholarships for your program awarded?

Scholarships with a wide range of financial coverage are available. Our scholarships are based on need of services and are rewarded to applicants that show a strong willingness to want to improve their areas of difficulty. While quality and honesty of the application are taken into account, no discrimination will be held towards the academic nature or any lack of abilities that may appear in the essay portion. The scholarships are awarded to students that show how learning, school or any related areas have proven to be difficult obstacles to overcome. We ask that you include personal accounts of the experiences which have led you to seek additional assistance in furthering the skills needed for success.
What can I do to improve my scholarship potential?
The scholarship review committee will place extra emphasis on the applicants ability to express life experiences that show a need for our services. Concentrate on what makes you special and go from there. Remember: perseverance, initiative, determination, and timeliness are the keys to being successful. Scholarships will be awarded to those students who show that they have the willingness and drive to complete our program.
What are the page length, word count and other specific requirements of the application essay?
Young children or students who are not proficient writers may want to use pictures, aided by descriptive captions completed by a parent or guardian, to convey their responses. Older students, who are able to build complete sentences, will want to use thoughtful and insightful descriptions to complete the application process. There are no page length or word count requirements. We are looking for overall quality, rather then quantity to ensure that applicants are explaining themselves to the fullest extent. We recommend that the length of your essay responses reflect the amount of space needed to express all the information that you would want to convey.
Where can I find the scholarship application and essay?
Scholarship applications are available by emailing a request to:
Is there a limit to how many scholarships I can receive in a year?
Students have unlimited chances to apply for the scholarships. However, scholarship winners shall not receive additional funding until 365 days have passed since the initial application.
Are there deadlines for the scholarships?
All of our scholarships are to be turned in by 6:30 P.M. on the deadline date. Scholarship applications will be reviewed by our committee. Scholarship winners will be notified when all applications have been assessed. Response times vary based upon the amount of applications received. The following are current deadline dates:
Summer Scholarship: May 7, 2013
Fall Scholarship: August 31, 2013

Winter Scholarship: November 15, 2013

Spring Scholarship: February 8, 2014

Please note: If you have missed a deadline, go ahead and submit an application at that time. If there is still a scholarship available, you may be considered. If not, your application will be reviewed at the next deadline.