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The Processing Skills

Develop Learning Skills

Through in office therapy, our Thousand Oaks optometrist can give you the tools to develop any processing skills that you may be lacking. First, we design a personalized program to fit your individual needs. Next, you will work one-on-one with one of our trained therapists on the activities in your program. After your program is completed, you will have all the tools necessary to achieve excellence.

Personalized Programs At Agape Learning and Optometry Center

Based upon the processing skills that you may be lacking, the Agape Learning Center will design a personalized learning program to fit your needs. Each achievement test score gives us the tools to create your own personalized program. The activities cover a large spectrum of learning styles and techniques. One minute, you may be avoiding asteroids in a space ship while sustaining attention (Play Attention). The next, your direction skills will be put to test as you walk through a mini-maze while shouting out “left” or “right” in one of our many bilateral integration activities.

One-On-One Skill Development

Once your program has been designed, our therapists work indiviually with each student to ensure that the best possible learning environment exists. The exercises are observed carefully while we make sure to take careful note of the progress that you are making. Every session is designed to help you develop learning skills one-on-one so that you get the attention you need to succeed. We use innovative therapeutic instruments to build a dynamic and modern learning environment.

Achieving Excellence
Throughout the program, you will discover:

– Imaginative Thinking

– Goal Setting

– How To Tackle Challenging Problems

– Analytical Reasoning

– Analytical Thinking

– Critical Skills Needed For Maximum Learning

– New Approaches

– Practical Skills For Use In Everyday Life

All of these newly learned concepts will give you the tools to achieve excellence.

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