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Ability Assessment

Assessing Skill (Functional Vision Exam)

What is the Assessment?

The assessment determines underlying problems which result in learning difficulties and inconsistencies. These problems include attention, auditory, visual, thinking and motor deficits. The assessment is nationally norm-referenced. This means the results are compared to a national sampling of students which are the same age. Deficits in these tests indicate a fundamental or foundational problem in learning.

What are the tests?

They are tests which check ability in several areas:

  • Tracking or Scanning
  • Visual Attention and Sustaining Ability
  • Speed of Processing
  • Flexibility and Maintenance of Focus
  • Memory
  • Visual Processing
  • Auditory Processing

How long will this take?

This assessment is completed in 60-90 minutes. Some children will take longer or shorter depending on age and ability. We will schedule an additional session if needed.

What happens after the Functional Vision Exam?

After completion of the assessment, an appointment will be scheduled to review the findings with Dr. Mayer. He will develop a individualized treatment plan and review this also at this time. Any questions can be discussed personally with Dr. Mayer.