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Success Stories

Our primary goal at the Agape Learning & Optometry Center is to develop learning skills for everyone to succeed. We are proud to share the following accounts written by students and parents specifically about their experiences at the Agape Learning & Optometry Center. (Click here for 100’s of Vision Therapy Success Stories)

Attention/Concentration Gains

“I just wanted to let you know that Linda has dropped the Wellbutrin completely, and is doing very well with only 10mg Adderall XR! The other day, she got a “B” on a math test, and on a history test! That’s way better than she’s been doing. I think she was over-medicated, due to the wonderful success of the sensory cognitive motor therapy. Linda is definitely calmer in the mornings and evenings. Her greatest achievement is the ability to read for longer spans of time. Her actual reading ability is now close to grade level! She is also playing notes to their full count when practicing her flute. This was a problem area for her and now she’s counting well!” – Roberta Werre “We participated in the sensory cognitive program hoping that any improvement at all in our sons ability to stay on task would make it worthwhile. To our surprise he has told us that he can now listen in class without being distracted. It shows in his ability to be more organized, improvement in spelling and finishing his homework in a reasonable amount of time. After meeting with his teachers and councilors this year they were surprised to hear of all the problems he had last year because his performance so far this year has been quite satisfactory. Maybe he has matured, maybe he’s decided to work harder, but we are convinced that the sensory cognitive motor program has made a positive impact on his life – not to mention ours!” – Susan Ulrich

Reading and School Gains

“Last year Matthew really struggled with school and his first grade teachers noticed that he had difficulty understanding what they were teaching. They felt he might have some kind of processing problem. So, we had him tested. Now that Matthew has received his therapy, we have seen the following changes in him: -He reads much better and faster with good comprehension and is more willing to read on his own-He is much more expressive and detailed in describing things-He is processing and comprehending what is being said much faster than before-He uses his imagination more than he ever has. We know this because he spends much more time playing with his toys and making things up as he plays-He is more coordinated.”– Lisa Grumm

“Phenix has truly enjoyed his therapy. In his own words, “the therapy has helped me be a better reader. It helped my eyes and my brain.” Phenix is more confident in his abilities and understands about continuing to discover and develop his unique qualities. Overall, he is a happier child with a brighter future ahead. The therapy program was the answer to our prayers! We are thankful!” – Marti Webster

“I knew from the first time I met with Dr. Mayer that we were in the right place. We had been through two eye doctors/exams and were told that Melanie’s eyes were fine. We went to Sylvan and were told that they could not help her. Melanie was in Powerline in her school for 8 months and made little progress. We felt very frustrated and helpless to help our daughter. No parent wants to see their child struggle.” Click here to read more about this success story

“I have seen several changes since the beginning of the program. First, Eric has actually picked up a book to read on his own! He’s more interested in reading. Second, I’ve noticed Eric rarely skips lines and /or words. This is a tremendous improvement. Third, recently Eric has begun to study harder. One result is that, in science class, he is now called “Eric Nye, the Science guy!” This has been great for his self esteem. Thanks!”– Denise Naumetz


“Since beginning sensory cognitive motor therapy I have noted the following changes in Julia. First, she reads words from the TV screen which she did not previously do. While watching a movie with subtitles she was able to read the text and keep up with the movie. A first! I also noticed her at home reading has improved. She reads longer now and also reads for enjoyment which she never did before! At school Julia’s teachers have commented that she is much more focused and does not appear to be “drifting off.” And she is getting more out of instructional time. I notice that she can complete her homework independently in about 30 minutes now compared with the all night struggle we used to have each night.” – Mrs. Padgett

Wholy Body Coordination Motor Planning and Depth Perception

“Isaac has improved a great deal in his coordination. He has stopped tripping. It’s a big improvement. In the beginning, Isaac couldn’t do jumping jacks or jump rope. Now he does both correctly. This is definitely helping his confidence and self-esteem.”– Nedia Cano

“I have seen significant improvement with Jeffrey’s self-esteem since he’s been attending the Agape Learning & Optometry Center. In addition, Jeffrey’s grades on his progress report are significantly better than his prior grades while in 6th grade.”– Debbie Ward

“I came to the Agape Center because I had poor depth perception and I knew it was affecting my driving. When I need to pass another car, turn onto another street, come to a stop on a highway off-ramp, or just follow another, I always felt like I was making an educated guess about how far away other objects were. But after going through sensory cognitive motor therapy at the center, I have none of these problems. My wife says that I am a much better driver now than I was before starting therapy. I’ve also noticed that my sensitivity to light has gone away; I no longer feel blind on a clear, sunny day if I go outside without wearing my sunglasses. The experience has truly been liberating! I would enthusiastically recommend sensory cognitive motor therapy and the Agape Learning & Optometry Center to others.” – Jeff Lowder