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Eye Accomodation

The eye accomodates for close vision by tightening the ciliary muscles, allowing the pliable crystallin lens to become more rounded. When the eye is relaxed and the interior lens is the least rounded, the lens has its maximum focal length for distant viewing.

Accomodation is important for people in their everyday life because it gives our eyes the opportunity to adjust to our changing surroundings quickly and efficiently.

For example, looking up at the whiteboard (located at a far distance), and then immediatly focusing at your paper to take notes (located at near distance) requires strong accomodative flexibilty.


The following are instruments that we use in our therapy sessions:

The Accommotrac Vision Trainer: The Accommotrac Vision Trainer uses biofeedback principles to teach the control of attention, concentration and vision.
Click here for more information – Accomotrac Vision Trainer

Pereptual Therapy Systems (PTS): The six therapy procedures address either simultaneous processing, sequential processing and/or speed of information processing.
Click here for more information – Perceptual Therapy Systems (PTS)

The Temporal Visual Processing Program (TVPP): The program is designed to improve: • Magnocellular Processing; • Temporal Visual Processing; • Visual Attention; • Naming Speed; • Visual Sequential Memory and • Visual Sequential-Spatial Integration
Click here for more information – The Temporal Visual Processing Program (TVPP)

Perceptual Visual Tracking Program (PVT): If there has been a diagnosis of dyslexia, rapid automatized naming deficit, reading potential below ability, ocular motility problems, eye movement disorders, temporal visual processing disability, visual perception dysfunction, then the Perceptual Visual Tracking Program (PVT) may be useful.
Click here for more information – Perceptual Visual Tracking Program (PVT)

Home Therapy Systems (HTS): It’s a computerized program that helps eliminate the symptoms of eyestrain. This is the most common visual complaint of students and office workers today.
Click here for more information – Home Therapy Systems (HTS)

The Keystone Red Red Rock: This instrument allows for the training of binocular vision, eye tracking (saccades) and visual discrimination.
Click here for more information – The Keystone Red Red Rock

The Wayne Vis-Flex: This instrument is an excellent instrument for developing greater visual awareness, accuracy, and fluidity in free space.
Click here for more information – The Wayne Vis-Flex