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Red Green Toy Box


– Many materials from Red Green Toy Box, Tools for Vision Enhancement and Bernell are used to help with vision problems such as lazy eye, crossed eye and other binocular problems.
– These materials help to give feedback when the brain is not using both eyes.
– Generally a red lens is worn over the right eye and a green lens over the left eye. A card that has red and green symbols is used for a game. If the background of the card is dark, the red symbols are seen with the “red” eye and the green symbols are seen with the “green” eye.
– If the red symbols are not seen or seen intermittently, it means that the “red” eye is not being used. The opposite can also be true (“green” eye not being used).
– The red green feedback helps to break brain visual suppressions. This work is especially valuable because it gives direct feedback to a condition that is not easily recognized – when most people have both eyes open they assume that both are working – many times this is not the case.
– When visual input to the brain is ignored it means that extra energy must be expended to ignore it – this energy could have been spent with fluency or comprehension.