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VMC Stick and Pendulum Ball

vmcstick pendball
– The VMC Stick and Pendulum Ball combine to provide a very powerful brain process organizer.

– The VMC Stick is designed to provide for a variety of different activities at differing levels of difficulty.

– Using the VMC Stick helps to develop the ability to structure space, visualize motion in space, and track objects.

– It also improves the brain’s ability to effectively process information from various senses and use that information to plan and execute motor movements effectively.

– The VMC Stick is held horizontally in front with both hands. Because both arms move in unison as the Pendulum Ball is struck, the VMC Stick serves to integrate both sides of the body and, consequently, both hemispheres of the brain.

– As this happens the timing systems between the two hemispheres of the brain become synchronized and brain processing efficiency increases.

– Used with the Belgau Balance Board, the VMC Stick and Pendulum Ball are powerful and effective sensory integration devices.