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Wayne Vis-Flex


– The Wayne Vis-Flex is an excellent instrument for developing greater visual awareness, accuracy, and fluidity in free space.

– It is useful for enhancing monocular and binocular eye movement control in any meridian of gaze, focusing flexibility and visual teaming at varied distances and speeds, and general visual awareness.

– In sports vision training, it can be used to develop dynamic convergence, precise fixation, and X-axis fixation shifting (“leading with the eyes”).

– The Vis-Flex is a four-foot plastic rod mounted on an adjustable heavy-duty tripod with 16 LED lights running along the top. A built-in microprocessor sequences the lights in 16 selectable patterns; sequencing can be performed either manually via a hand-held switch or automatically at an adjustable speed. An optional auditory stimulus can be provided at each step of the sequence.

– The Vis-Flex can be used to perform sequential-fixation tracking and pursuit activities horizontally (X-axis), vertically (Y-axis), or obliquely, and can also be used in the Z-axis (extending from the bridge of the user’s nose) as an “electronic Brock String” to develop and evaluate dynamic accommodation and convergence.

– A white line running between the lights creates a cross pattern for detecting suppression, lack of fusion, underconvergence, overconvergence, and anomalous correspondence.