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Wayne Directional Sequencer



– The Wayne Directional Sequencer is an electronic computerized instrument designed to improve visual motor ability. – A sturdy portable aluminum case contains 63 illuminated membrane switches arranged in a 9″ x 7″ grid. It includes a built-in precisely adjustable metronome and an illuminated LCD display panel. – When the user presses one of the membrane switches, it lights up, the unit provides an auditory feedback tone, and the display panel shows a count of the number of switches that have been pressed. – The user may optionally be required to synchronize pressing the switches with the metronome beat; switches pressed too early or late will not light up and will not be counted. – Pattern templates can be placed over the membrane switches to guide the user. When a pattern is used, only those switches that are part of the template will light up and count; pressing an off-pattern switch will result in a “buzz” and increment a count of incorrectly pressed switches. Patterns can require the user to press the switches in a specific order or allow the user to press them in any order. – Several ready-made pattern templates are supplied with the unit, and you can easily make your own templates with any copier or printer. – The Wayne Directional Sequencer includes pre-programmed activities for developing: Directionality Rhythm Eye-hand coordination Speed Sequencing Visual Memory Shape and Word Recognition Tracking and Saccades.