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Nutritional Supplements for Healthy Vision

Dr Mayer may have prescribed for you to use one or more of these formulas. There are many different formulas available that focuses on supporting ocular health. The MAXIVISION® product line offers a full selection of eye care, multi-nutrient supplements for maintaining ocular health. All MAXIVISION®formulas contain antioxidants of the highest purity level in elemental concentration amounts for optimal absorption.




Science Based Health — Innovative Nutraceuticals for Eye Health

Dr Mayer may have prescribed for you to use one or more of these formulas. If you're interested in ordering more, call our practice!



Optic Nerve Formula® is a specialized formulation with phytonutrients and fatty acids, designed to help protect the optic nerve. It provides nutrients that quench free radicals, block compounds believed to damage nerve cells, enhance ocular circulation, and promote normal vascular function.






MacularProtect Complete®S is a scientific formulation designed to protect macular health. The MacularProtect formula is based on the AREDS clinical trial, supported by the National Eye Institute and also incorporates other advanced science supporting the role of lutein in eye health. It contains a potent blend of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.





HydroEye® (Dry Eye)is a doctor-recommended dry eye treatment that provides continuous relief from dry eye discomfort due to: age, tear deficiency, contact lens wear, computer use, frequent flying, LASIK surgery, and other causes.