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Dr. James B. Mayer, OD, FCOVD


Dr. James Mayer grew up in Beloit, Wisconsin. Dr. Mayer's career path was altered when he met Dr. Kenneth Patterson in high school. Before this, he was always a good athlete but suffered from poor sight and depth perception ability. Vision examinations resulted in glasses which helped him. However, his vision improved tremendously after meeting and being treated by Dr. Patterson. He was able to judge the distance to a basketball rim for the first time in his life. He was able to really see! This inspired him to seek his Doctorate in Optometry. He graduated from Pacific University School of Optometry (Forest Grove, Oregon) in 1983. He also attended Pacific for his undergraduate studies.

Dr. Mayer has maintained a private practice in Thousand Oaks since 1984. His emphasis has focused on ways in which he could help people reach their potential by improving their processing skills. This was initially through vision. His work has expanded to also include attention, auditory, motor planning, phonological awareness, sequencing and timing abilities.


  • College of Optom. in Vision Development
  • Fellowship (FCOVD)
  • International Exam Board
  • Optometric Exten. Program
  • Regional Clin. Seminars
  • Past Nat. Chairman
  • Past SoCalif. Chair
  • American Optometric Association
  • California Optometric Association
  • TriCounty Optometric Society
  • Past President
  • Parents Active for Vis.Ed.


  • Pacific Univ B.S. in Vision Science
  • O.D. Doctor of Optometry
  • UC Berkeley
  • Therapeutics
  • Glaucoma


Public speaking has always been an interest of Dr. Mayer's. Besides providing an extensive array of presentations to local companies and schools, he has given talks to national groups such as the International Academy of Sports Vision, the National Optometric Association and the California Optometric Association.

Dr. Mayer’s wife, Carol, went to be with the Lord in 2018. He has two wonderful kids, J.J. (age 20) and Jalyn (age 18), who are both in college. Dr. Mayer attends Calvary Community Church.

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